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Lijha Haora

The name translates roughly to "Haora City." Some would go further and say that haora in fact means "three sun" but it is far more likely that it refers to the person who originally founded the settlement. The city has been through a great deal to become the metropolis that it is now.


Unlike most Weinadi cities in the area, Lijha Haora has a single hereditary ruler called the Yasawa . There is still a city council who assists the Yasawa, but they are subordinate, not equal in rank.   It is important to note that the Yasawa does not bear any kind of religious weight to their authority, no divine right to rule. Theirs is a legacy of hard work, and the trust from that comes from the fact that they are a long line of people who have set their people first. Those who haven't usually end up getting replaced by those who will.


The Sheiju Puzizha are their most famous element of defense, as those who protect the waterways the city is famous for.   Beyond that, there is an extensive system of dams that protect from floods. There's also several turrets and watchposts found higher up, to defend from the surface.


Once upon a time, it was Riya Haora, a pleasant if ordinary town of average size that seemed fairly well positioned to be a comfortable place to live. Then a flash flood tore through, and three quarters of the population died in the space of a day. It was a catastrophe of unprecedented scale. Homes were destroyed, lives were taken.   Time passed. People moved back in, as the flow of water shifted. This time, though, they took precautions, above and beyond what normal Weinadi settlements would take. They even invented the Haora Canals, to further keep the waters away from innocent lives. These canals brought the place back to life, and outside of a few hiccups in implementing the system, it allowed the town to grow into one of the greatest cities of Wulei Ranifa.
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Riya Haora (original name, meaning Haora Channel)
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