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The population is entirely Weinadi, of varying ethnicities. There can be a Dheizei presence, but not usually in significant numbers as the city is found fairly deep into the chasm, far away from the surface routes the Dheizei usually traverse.


On paper, the government of Hajema runs the same way as most other Weinadi cities in Wulei Ranifa. An elected city council works alongside a mayor who inherited the title. In practicality, these two groups function alongside a third and equal group: the sugar moguls.

Industry & Trade

They have loads and loads of Sugar Mold . It's not their only export, but it is their primary export, especially since they're the only place that can grow it. The shipping of this is carefully regulated, so as to not allow the market to become saturated.


There are broad systems of sugar mold refineries, packaging plants, as well as growing walls. Of particular note is the warehouse district, filled to the brim with the excess processed sugar mold, to be shipped out as those who own it deem it necessary.


During The One Thousand Sugar Festival, Hajema will see a huge influx of tourists and visitors. To accommodate this, there are a significant number of hotels and inns and restaurants in the nicer districts of the city.   Also to accommodate the festival, there is a large broad cavern near the center, unusual for vertically oriented Weinadi cities, to allow for the yearly addition of large numbers of stalls, parades, and to allow for all the additional people.

Natural Resources

Sugar Mold grows profusely in and around the city, which is why it was founded where it is.
Alternative Name(s)
Sugar Town
Large town
Related Ethnicities
Inhabitant Demonym
Location under
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