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The Thousand Sugar Festival

Also known as "Raohi Liri Lirai" in the Weinadi tongue. The Thousand Sugar Festival is found in the city of Hajema, and was originally designed as a marketing opportunity for the unusual Sugar Mold that can grows there. As such, originally, the festival solely featured sugar mold in its products, but eventually came to include elements from across the globe. This festival is a must for anyone with a sweet tooth, and has become a major event for the region. Even some of the Dheizei will make the trek to participate, and typically make the more interesting inclusions in the parade.   The festival is incredibly colorful and bright, with people taking advantage vivid dyes related to the production of the candies.


It began as a selling opportunity, a small local way to bring in outsiders and make sugar mold more appealing as a product. Something fun and exciting and unusual. It wasn't a hard task to accomplish, thanks to the unique taste and the highly concentrated nature of the sugar.   Now, it has become a major regional festival that draws people from all over.

Components and tools

Lots and lots and lots of sugar. Seriously. Candy, cakes, pure sugar mold, and the various other resources that go along with sugar, like boxes for it, celebratory articles of clothing, fun trinkets, etc.


There are a wide variety of things to do at the festival. Some popular events include  
  • The sale of candy and other sweets, particularly when shaped into unusual forms
  • A parade of colorful costumes and vehicles, meant to showcase and draw attention to the smaller versions usually available
  • A sugar-eating contest (like a hot pepper contest) where the last one to vomit wins
  • Sugar making lessons (both how to process the raw sugar mold, and how to make a few simple candies with the purified sugar)
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