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Sugar Mold

Sugar mold is a grayish white fluffy mold that tastes very, very sweet. It only grows near the Weinadi town of Hajema . It's valuable because of how localized production is. The taste is a little unusual, and this adds to the value, making it unique over other sugar.   It is also sometimes used as a propellant, but this is rare.

Basic Information

Ecology and Habitats

It grows very quickly, and spreads easily to new areas, depending of course on how much of the bacteria they consume are present in the dampness of the caves. While heavy moisture or a flood can compress the mold, it rarely destroys it or uproots it entirely, and it grows back easily. It is not toxic to most other plants and coexists pretty well, but it is considered invasive simply because it is very hard to completely get rid of any growths.

Dietary Needs and Habits

Sugar mold grows off the moisture found in the lower caverns, and the bacteria found in the water.

Additional Information

Uses, Products & Exploitation

Sugar mold can be eaten raw, but this is not usually recommended because the bacteria the mold eats can sometimes make you sick. Also, the sugar content is incredibly concentrated and is about 75 calories in a teaspoon (so almost four times a normal sugar cube). Usually, sugar mold is melted into a liquid, strained, and then hardened in small shapes (depends on the brand, can be spheres, cubes, hexagonal prisms, etc).   These shapes are then used to make candy. A popular use is Wisp Sugar (cotton candy), which looks a lot like sugar mold in its natural state. Otherwise, it is usually diluted with some other material, and made into whatever kind of sweet you might want.   Some people have tried to use sugar mold for flavoring illegal drugs, but the processes they attempted to use usually resulted in fires because sugar mold is actually highly flammable.
Conservation Status
It's mold, so while it doesn't thrive anywhere else, sugar mold does extremely well in the area in which it is grown, and can actually be a little hard to eradicate if it's growing somewhere someone doesn't want it.


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