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Known as Dzigorru among the Basadu people, the humans of Thaiterra call this cave system Dwarfhold. The exact reason for this name is unclear, as you could fit people a lot taller than a dwarf quite easily. It is thought that perhaps initially there was a more diminutive animal species living in the caves, but they have long since abandoned Dzigorru, for good reason.   The Dwarfhold is found in the vicinity of Tholaren Dome, but several kilometers below it. There are ample tunnels that lead down to it, including some old mining tunnels that the humans have since sealed off for the same reason that Dwarfhold is no longer inhabited by any living creature.   The Amdzha Crystal that grows down there is unusual, since most of the crystals come about from exposure to the storms on the surface, receiving their charge from those. However, these crystals seem to gain their charge from another source, undetermined as of yet.   There is actually a great deal of debate as to what the crystals actually are, since while they look like the familiar amdzha crystals, their behavior is unusual. In particular, when they become damp, which in a subterranean cave system happens frequently, they emit a gas toxic to all known life on Thaiterra.   The caverns are beautiful, since some unknown source reflects light down from the surface, filtered through crystals, and it glitters beautifully. Some people have been known to visit the caves, simply to view them, but such trips are not taken lightly, and most people are generally warned away, either for the toxins or else for the close proximity to the human population.
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