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Tholaren Dome

This is the first dome that the humans created after the Fergana crashed. As time went on, they grew to believe that Tholaren was the last bastion of proud human race and treated it accordingly.   The Dome is loosely divided into eight sectors, three of which are living spaces. There's the Ring, which is the outermost layer/sector of the Dome, and is only inhabited by whatever maintenance personnel are assigned, and is segmented by the outer six domes. The central dome is the seat of government, as well as most educational facilities. The outer six alternate between the living spaces and the agricultural, manufacturing, and computer sectors. There are mines located beneath four of the six outer domes. The population is split roughly evenly between the three living spaces, and there are some aspects of each of the non-living space domes in each of the others. The boundaries are not exact.   The sectors are as follows:  


The target number of Constituents is 10,000. With each couple averaging 3 children apiece, there are 4500 Orphan Scions, accounting for infertility issues. Subtracting Equivalents  (about 1000 for infertility, or around 10%, and 400 premature deaths, around 4%), that means there are around 3300 Orphans.


The government is the Insignia Council, currently consisting of 15 people. Each one takes responsibility for various aspects of life in the Dome, and as a whole they make decisions for the Dome. The Insignia are passed on according to the computer, as a merit-based position. They chose the Primary Signator from among themselves, and the role passes from insignium to insignium.


Their greatest defense is the Dome itself. It provides protection from the unfriendly environment outside, and defense from the harsh storms that ravage Thaiterra. If there was a serious threat from the Garruw or Weinadi, in theory the Dome could be reinforced to better protect people, but it's not automatically made for that and it would need to be prepared.


Most buildings are very old, and meticulously maintained. While the uses of the buildings will change from generation to generation, and the storms that break through the Dome necessitate repairs, the basic layout of Tholaren almost hasn't changed at all since it was first created. There's a classical elegance to the structures, with clean lines and minimal ornamentation.


It is 5km across, approximately circular, which makes it about 20km squared in area. The dome itself consists of a central dome surrounded by six sub-domes, interconnected. These are the sectors of the dome. At its highest point, the dome is 1km tall.


  • Tholaren Dome, approximately
    A very rough outline of the first Dome.
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