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Passing the Heirloom

"There's all kinds of things that have been passed down. Dunno how old some of them actually are, but most of them we claim go all the way back to before the Dome. Might even be right about some of them."
  When a couple in Tholaren Dome finally gets married, their parents pass on the respective artifacts of their families. Since each family only ever has one son and one daughter, the passing goes from mother to daughter and father to son, always.   A large number of these objects were originally meant to be used, like a knife or a book, and it's expected that each person will use it at least once. If it's a gun, they'll take it to a practice range and fire it once. If it's a piece of cookware, you'll prepare one meal. It's not uncommon for the people to never use it again, and to simply maintain the status of the object.   It is likely at this point that on a molecular level, none of the objects are actually the same as they were originally, but the forms remain the same, and the devotion to keeping them intact.


The passing of the heirloom is usually a part of another ceremony, like a marriage or a coming of age. It's an expected part of someone's life, and whenever it occurs is carefully planned as an inclusion for an event of similar importance.   It features a speech by the bestower as to the known history of the object, some fond memories of its previous use, and a display of the object to show that it was well taken care of. The person receiving it then pledges to take care of the object and guard it. Then the rest of the ceremony will resume, with the heirloom being placed in a place of honor.
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15 Jan, 2023 04:03

A lovely custom and a perfect way to preserve family stories and history.