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Insignia Council

The governing body of the Dome, the bearers of the Insignia. There were 21 of them, but in the current day and age there are only 15.   To reiterate for myself when I finally fix this stuff, the main crew had 14. Added 7 from the passengers to total 21. Lost 9 of assorted rank (including the captain-related insignia among others), and added in 3 Actia (with small modifications) to bring the new total to 15. These 3 are not as powerful as the originals, but they are more powerful now than they were then.   The formal leader of the council shifts from person to person, not belonging to any particular title, and is called the Primary Signator. The current Primary is Fedruel Pyre, holder of the Darad Chanostrate.  

Original titles and roles

  • Antecorsian: from Aya Courson, First Officer; responsible for Fergana repairs and eventually regulating the abilities that stemmed from the ship; has a unique connection to the ship and can manipulate power levels to the other ship-related abilities to make sure that the ship can carry on
  • Arthenarian: from Captain Paladu-Sinori; functions as a jack-of-all trades and fills in the gaps when another palador is out of commission, or if things are simply too busy; has all the capabilities of the other signums but not all the time
  • Chiroflet: from Orali Pereyra, former navigator; responsible for transportation systems and other vehicles, as well as entertainment systems
  • Darad Chanostrate : from Lerola Wildauer; community managers, so responsible for hearing minor community issues and bringing them to the other council members to be addressed; access to communications and a kind of pacifying effect
  • Eliquentist: from Huan Yue Ellfeld, a civilian, responsible for water resources and waste management
  • Ferexitos: from Afram Traore, a civilian; responsible for science research projects
  • Hoelenyst:from Farrian Hoelfir, a civilian created position; responsible for the treasury and monitoring the economy; tracks and manages the economy and the barter system, as well as the treasury to some extent (the supplies they've gathered over the years)
  • Imprician: from Naazim Elitharal, formerly a civilian on the ship; chief educator
  • Medistrue: from Ealda Struvei, the most experienced doctor to survive the crash; responsible for medical matters; capable of healing minor injuries at will, and making visual diagnoses
  • Moltarizen: from Edsel Nuraz, the Fergana's pilot; responsible for power and energy management systems
  • Osperam: from Ardagh Osurras, the comms officer; responsible for social arrangements like marriages and Assignment of Incipient Citizenship; instant access to the related data, can in select instances alter the results, is responsible for inputting someone's final choice of a spouse and for evocating orphans
  • Paladian Detectric: from Dayna Dautrich, chief engineer; in charge of the Dome and its construction and maintenance; knows sensor details and has the highest level access to the resources in the Ether
  • Paladian Rolmguard: from the Security Chief, Rolm Haverly; in charge of the Rolmguard and thus security within the Dome; able to open doors with a thought, telekinetically divert projectiles, telepathically access internal sensor data
  • Preodomo: from weapons officer Meribah Ruocco, the badge responsible for the external defense of the Dome and the drones used to accomplish this
  • Requenari: from the Cook (who was a legal student), Rufus Myrddin Ohayon; responsible for the legislating of laws outside of the charter, and for regulating the punishments and disciplines laid down by other members of the council
  • Stelature: from Corlene Aaker, the passenger liaison; responsible for housing and other buildings within the Dome
  • Stellemancer: from the Second Officer, Brogan Hatakenaka; monitoring and tracking external sensor data, managing external non-military drones, particularly the ones in space
  • Syntelion: from the science officer, Kaeso Fenthyra; responsible for the AI maintenance and programming
  • Thumencial: a civilian created position, for Jorendyl Miathana; managing agriculture and plant growth within the Dome
  • Urdolaneth: a civilian created position from Idrissa Byun-Chun, dealing with mining and the area below the city
  • Zarichler: one of the civilian created positions, for Zahra Roydark; responsible for recording history and maintaining the database

Those Lost

  (The guys who left, make/link article showing that event) (9: the external defense, the arthenarian, ???????)  

Present titles and roles

  (Nice and fast, mostly focusing on changes and on the 3 new insignia's capabilities) (what roles did they replace and what are the names? Did they use old, new, or combination?)


All the members of the council are equal in rank. From within, with the assistance of the computer, they elect one of their own to be the overall leader, which mostly means that this person has tie-breaking status if need be, and if needed will be the official leader in external negotiations.
Government, Leadership
Predecessor Organization
Government System
Power Structure
Autonomous area
Controlled Territories
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