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The Insignia are ancient badges of office that date back to the very foundation of the Dome, over a thousand years ago. They are irreplaceable, and each one is entirely unique in function. Each Insignium allows the bearer, the designated member of the Insignia Council, access to particular areas. More importantly, it gives the bearer particular abilities related to the original function on the ship.   For example, the Paladian Rolmguard, as the bearer of what was once the chief security officer's badge, is capable of opening most doors with a single thought, of accessing internal sensor data mentally, and exerting a telekinetic force designed to subdue any wrongdoer without having to draw a weapon.   To the people of the Dome, who have since forgotten that they ever came from anywhere else and have entirely lost mentions of the ship they arrived on, these abilities seem like magic. They are an inexplicable part of everyday life, and those who can use these skills to greater effect are considered exceptional, without much consideration as to why.  

Individual badges

  14 were badges belonging to the bridge crew of the the Fergana. 7 were converted to give the passengers a greater role in the initial government. Of those 21, 9 were taken when the Renegades departed, taking their core functions with them.   The original badges:     Those remaining in Tholaren Dome:  
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The bearer of an Insignium is instantly recognizable as a member of the Insignia Council. They confer immense authority over the people of the Dome. Originally, they were the crew badges of the ship that crashed on Thaiterra, and were repurposed to be symbols of the government. They are the only remaining physical link to the crashed ship.
Item type
Jewelry / Valuable
Subtype / Model
Owning Organization
There are 21 Insignia in existence, one for each member of the Insignia Council. Not all of these Insignia are present in the Dome. At present, there are 15, 3 of which are converted actia that were given broader functions.
Approximately 3in x 3in
Raw materials & Components
The Insignia have nearly impenetrable metal shells, designed to protect from radiation and hard vacuum and any manner of space-faring dangers. Internally, it has a highly sophisticated transmitter that can access the bearer's brain and transmit commands to the central ship computer, allowing the individual in question to perform what might look an awful lot like magic.

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