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The Arthenarian Insignium is the one that used to belong to the captain of the Fergana, and as such is the most powerful position. Technically. In practice, the position was lost when the Serunes left Tholaren Dome , and has only recently been restored to the Insignia Council.   The Arthenarian insignium looks like a brooch, probably an inch to two inches in diameter. Gold metallic material. Roundish. Exact details will vary because I haven’t found something that I like yet. It’s more elaborate and larger than the standard actia, which are slightly more standardized simply because they’re plainer. Since the main function is to simply communicate with the ship and be recognizable in designating authority, it’s distinctive and can be on the frillier side, so to speak. Probably featuring an amdzha crystal of unknown color in some part of the design, to power it and to make it more distinct. Some actia do have the crystals as well, but it’s usually smaller studs.   The signator to take it during the Splintering was Elleri Calcaryn.


Having a sufficient physical, genetic, and mental match to Captain Paladu-Sinori, so that the computer selects the person to take up the position.


They used to be the leader, but when that position was already filled by another member of the council, the Arthenarian is meant to be a jack of all trades, filling in whatever gaps are present in the system. This was meant to balance out a palador who was getting older, or overwhelmed with work, to fill in for a palador who might be out of range, or to help the council system adapt in the event that a new role was needed.

Accoutrements & Equipment

The Arthenarian bears the Arthenarian Insignium, which allows them access to all the functions of the other insignia, with the caveat that this only works when those insignia are not presently being used by someone within range of the dome. Again, they're meant to be able to fill in a gap, not take over everything (unless absolutely necessary).   As such, the present Arthenarian is able to use all the functions of the 8 insignia the Serune took with them. In addition, there are 1-2 functions unique to this insignium. I don't know what these are yet. There's a lot people don't understand about this insignium right now, and a whole ton of random abilities are going to keep popping up and I don't know which ones are specific but I'm guessing I'll figure it out as I write the actual story.   What are those functions????
Civic, Honorific
Form of Address
Palador, Signator
Length of Term
Lifetime or retirement
First Holder
Current Holders
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