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Paladian Rolmguard


The Rolmguard Insignium is passed to whatever individual meets the genetic and mental requirements of that Insignia. This qualification is declared by the [AI in charge of such decisions] and is unquestioned. The individual must be a legal adult [what age is that? I don't know].   Lack of qualification would not, in theory, cause someone to be removed from the position, but as the system has never chosen someone uneducated this is a moot point.


The investiture ceremony is conducted as soon as the computer makes its selection, to avoid politicking and maneuvering. It is conducted by the other members of the Insignia Council and is fairly short but public.


The Paladian Rolmguard is responsible for the other Rolmguard and is their leader. They are, in essence, a police chief for the Dome, responsible for internal security and the safety of the community. It is their responsibility to make sure that the orders of the Insignia Council are carried out reasonably. They are responsible for enforcing the laws in those instances in which the computers and sensors cannot be relied on.

Accoutrements & Equipment

When on duty, especially if they are on some sort of scheduled appearance or patrol, they are expected to wear the uniform of the Rolmguard. The Paladian Rolmguard must wear the Rolmguard Insignium at all times.   Through the Insignium, they are able to able to open doors with a thought, telekinetically divert projectiles, telepathically access internal sensor data.

Grounds for Removal/Dismissal

If it is determined that the Paladian Rolmguard has acted in a treasonous fashion, willfully and maliciously risking the safety of the Dome, they can be removed from office and will probably be arrested shortly after this removal.   If it can be proved that there is a medical condition preventing the execution of their duties, the Rolmguard may be forcibly retired from the position if they refuse to leave of their own accord, and a new one is chosen.
Civic, Political
Still in use
Form of Address
Palador (like anyone else on the Insignia Council)
Alternative Naming
Chief, Head of the guard
Equates to
All of the Paladori are of equivalent rank and have equal authority in the Dome.
Source of Authority
[The OG charter for the Dome that I have to codify a little better]
Length of Term
Lifetime or retirement
First Holder
Related Organizations

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