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First Crew

The primary crew of the Fergana was transformed into the first government of the Dome, which has since transformed into the Insignia Council of today. Their crew badges are the Insignia .   This was not a military ship, but it had enough people coming in from military service, and the structure of command was based on military ships.

The Ship's Crew

  Captain: Captain Paladu-Sinori
First Officer:Aya Courson 
Second Officer: Brogan Hatakenaka
Security Chief: Rolm Haverly
Doctor: Ealda Struvei 
Chief Engineer: Dayna Dautrich 
Science Officer:
Weapons Officer:
Passenger Liaison:
Communications Officer:
Hangar Master:
Cook:   This is 14 people who formed the core leadership of the crew, but there were also backup pilot/navigators/doctors/comms, some nurses, and enough engineers and security officers to total about 60-100 people on the crew.  

Notable Passengers

  Lerola Wildauer 
Farrian Hoelfir 
Zahra Roydark     

Deceased in the crash

  I don't know who died yet, but they were replaced within a day or so, with the intent that they would be someone who could fulfill that particular role on the ship. Some promoted from the passengers as qualified. Eventually 7 badges were repurposed and given to civilian leaders to give the passengers a greater voice in what proved to be an emerging government, bringing the total to 21. One of these 21 is the Secret Heir of the Society I Still Have To Invent. It's also possible some of the 14 were replaced if it turned out that they were idiots when it came to building a society.  

Roles shifted

Some of this would be based on personality, and who picked up which role in establishing a government. Not all of the functions here are useful on a planet, but the person would have other skills that would be needed. Like a pilot might turn out to know a lot about shielding technology and help build the first Dome. Or the Second Officer was a botanist as a hobbyist and seeded the first crops.


They disbanded upon their deaths, formally shifting into the Insignia Council in its earliest iteration.
Civilian, Crew
Training Level
Veterancy Level
Organization Vehicles

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