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Itusial District

Where the AI is kept, and where the majority of scientific research is conducted.   The Itusial was a very different kind of place than the Chenarae. The buildings themselves were of a different style, even in the living spaces. They didn’t stretch upward quite so high. Or at all, really. Rosh was used to his apartment, twenty floors up, and theirs was one of the shorter buildings. People with homes were close to the ground, but a lot of the office buildings, stores, schools, apartments, all of them were in buildings that stretched up. Not terribly high, like the ones at the Arthanion, but enough. These were still elegant enough in style, but more blocky in shape. Rosh didn’t think he saw a single one that went above four stories.   But then, a lot of the buildings with the computers ended up underground, in what used to be mines. So they didn’t need all the space on the surface to go up and up. The tunnel system was of some concern to Rosh, because if their quarry literally went underground, he wasn’t sure if they could be found. He was just starting to lose hope when he spotted them, a group of people who clearly didn’t belong, all clumped together.
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