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Naoi Oasis

The name is one of those unfortunate cases in which someone asked "Hey, what is the name of this place?" and the other person had no idea what they were saying so they said in their language "It's an oasis" and the first person thought "That's a cool name" so it's basically called "Oasis Oasis".   It's one of the closest oases to the Dome. Also one of the most toxic to human life, ironically.


On the surface, Naoi Oasis is little more than a crack in the earth, barely visible until you're right on top of it. Only the barest hint of the plants within. There is a slow creek that runs through the center and forms a series of pools that keep the oasis well-watered. Its function as an oasis is more for the shelter it provides from storms.   The plant life grows so thickly that it can be hard to maneuver, but looking down from a ledge above, it's a symphony of color and luminescent light. Some of the plants even make a kind of music, shivering at the slightest touch of a breeze.

Fauna & Flora

Not much in the way of animals, and for good reason. The few rodents and insects that survive are not particularly hardy, but rather well-adapted to the toxins let out by the plants. There's one nasty little critter in particular that is essentially a squirrel but venomous teeth. A slightly more pleasant inhabitant is the Thildzig's Geckos, who are a vital part of the life cycle of the oasis.   The flora is very unusual and comes in a wide range, even for an oasis. (This is possibly because of the influence of plants from the human biome spreading into the wilderness.) In particular, the flowers come in a broad range. Almost every plant found in Naoi Oasis is toxic or poisonous in some way.   The plants that grow there include:  
  • [small blue flower that whistles in a light breeze]
  • 3 different varieties of Raclamote
  • [small bush with blue-green leaves that smell like lavender and cause a rash like poison oak]
  • [flower that grows to be around 4' tall and lets out a pollen strong enough to set everyone within twenty feet sneezing]
  • Coughdrop Fern
  • [tiny tree with luminescent roots]
  • [vines that produce acidic sap and exquisite purple flowers]
  • [it looks like a strawberry plant, but the strawberries are orange and yellow and the spines on the stems can be used as sewing needles]
  • Some very specific subspecies of Frozen Lilies that grow around the rim of the oasis


Most Weinadi  tend to avoid the place for two reasons. First, its proximity to the Human  Dome makes it an uneasy place to get help. Second, the unusually high concentration of oxygen makes it difficult for them to breathe as they are used to the much lower concentration found pretty much everywhere else on Thaiterra.   Humans pop up fairly regularly. Mostly scientists or their minions, there to collect samples from an easy (and incredibly varied) source. Making it to Naoi Oasis has also been used as a rite of passage for teenagers  undergoing training on how to survive outside the Dome.   They do not stay long, as the oasis is more of an experience than a place that someone would want to stay.
Alternative Name(s)
Ringujae (Weinadi)
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