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Haora Canals

Canal and aqueduct systems are, in the present era, widely used by the Weinadi to traverse the land and navigate from city to city. Originally, though, they were a rather radical idea. After all, the water that flooded into the chasms from above could wipe out thousands in a single night. To reroute the water instead of stopping it with a dam was strange enough. To then use those waterways to navigate was downright insane.   And then Lijha Haora became one of the strongest cities in Wulei Ranifa, and the naysayers came around in a hurry.
The locks and pumps needed to regulate the flow of the water were developed slowly and painfully over years. Those became incredibly complex, as did the drains needed to get rid of excess water without submerging anything vital.   The canals themselves remain remarkably unchanged from when they were first built. There is some updating of materials as time goes on and things wear out, but it's fascinating to note how little has changed. Present scientists marvel at how little they've needed to move the canals to deal with water flow, as the ancient Weinadi seem to have placed them excellently.
The canal system was initially created as a desperate attempt to divert water that got past the dam system and into the city area. It could not, of course, handle a whole flood, but it was capable of dealing with heavy rainfall, which in turn allowed the lower levels a better standard of living.   As time went on, the canals were discovered to be useful as more than just elaborate ditches suspended in air, but they could be used for transporting goods. Eventually this turned to people, and gradually the system was extended as a roadway that could connect the cities.

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Aug 1, 2020 02:52 by Morgan Biscup

This is a rather unique method of man-made travel within a city. I like it!

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