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Tojolu Boats

These are the boats that are used for particularly fast travel along the Haora Canals. While the Ŕanggodza are used for most slower traffic, pedestrian and cargo and otherwise, the tojolu are meant for speed.   They're harder to come by because they're made from wood, light and agile, but dense enough to give them some momentum once they hit the right slipstreams. The type of wood is a beautiful pale color, almost bone white in some cases, and the caulking treatments they get usually tint them a green color. The green glows faintly in darkness, very useful in case of turnovers.   One of the particular usage points comes from the ability to easily hoist these boats over or around the larger ranggodza and other boats found on the canals.   The tojolu are not particularly reliable. They're fast, certainly, but they require a great deal of skill to pilot properly, and even with that skill, the change of overturning is still quite high. No one in their right mind would put something even remotely important in those boats. Water would ruin it, or else it would be swept along the canal current. But if you need to get somewhere really fast, they're the thing to have.   Also, not surprisingly, they're very popular with the more reckless young people, representing their chance to prove their worth as pilots.   Historically, something like the tojolu was used on the surface lakes, as something similar to a canoe that would be highly maneuverable on open water. They fell out of favor when practices shifted to stealth and camouflage.   There are races involving these vessels, but they're illegal in most places, especially around the Katolu Federation cities, where there can be a lot more traffic on the canals.


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Jan 21, 2023 08:50 by Joshua

This is a shorter article compared to a lot of the other Vehicle articles I have read but every word seems like it carries its weight. I feel like I am being teased with other information such as the green glowing caulk that is hiding just behind a “but that's a story for a another time”.