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The simple translation of Ranggodza is "canal boat", but this doesn't specifically encapsulate the significance to Weinadi culture.   Made for use with the Haora Canals, the Ranggodza are specifically designed to be used for those canals. While this technically refers to the first variant of boat made, the word has grown to include all the boats used on the canals.   The name may come from two possible sources. The first half, "rang", clearly comes from the Basadeiian word for canal, but the second half may either derive from the word for valley (for the location it is used), from the word for boat (a loose correlation but there are some similar sounds), or for the word for sheep (referring to the material used to make the boats).   Since wood is not common, the Ranggodza are typically made from a particular kind of wool. It is carefully treated, often dyed with luminescent colors to allow for greater light in the caverns, and shaped into a hard shell made by soaking it with a particular resin. This makes for exceptionally light boats that can easily be shifted up or down the canals.   Ranggodza are not suitable for use on the surface, or for storm circumstances. They are also difficult to make very large, so the larger cargo vessels or anything else meant to carry a large weight must be made from wood, which is a lot more rare.
There are several variants that are made. The official, first-made Ranggodza are extremely rare, but some of the vessels do still exist
Complement / Crew
Typically around 5 people for a standard size boat


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