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Low Gods

Known as the Nari Irubadu in the ancient language, these are the classical gods of the Basadu people of Wulei Ranifa . For the most part, this religion is defunct in the modern age, although there are still some practitioners.   There are a lot of deities that form the pantheon of the Low gods, with a god or goddess for just about every concept and thing imaginable. but most of the myths center around a core group of about a dozen. Gods tend to be for things in the physical realms, while the domains of most goddesses are in concepts. A lot of them come in sets, whether through marriage or being siblings.  
  • Puju, Atasaw, and Hatha are the triplet gods of the moon. Puju and Atasaw are very close, but Hatha follows his own path. They are great adventurers in the tales, and most of the time cause more problems than they create. They are credited with giving light at night to the Weinadi. Their parents are Orya and Dagaz.
  • Orya is the death goddess of below, representing peaceful deaths, or death from disease. Dagaz is the death god of above, for violent deaths. They are spouses, usually, but sometimes they are just lovers. They have several children.
  • Alahima is the goddess of romantic love, while her husband Kare is the god of sex. They are not powerful, but they show up in a lot of stories, usually causing problems for people. Most of their children are very minor deities.
  • One of Alahima and Kare's few powerful children, the goddess Heneke is in charge of Weinadi heroes. Originally she was the goddess of war, but this role was spread out through a number of gods and goddesses alike, and her aspect featured specifically the most powerful Weinadi, thought to be children of gods. In part, this shift comes from the fact that she takes frequent Weinadi lovers and so a lot of heroes are thought to be her children.
  • Dheiju is the god of crops, and his brother Dawik is the god of poisons. They work together frequently in their creations, which is why it is attributed that so many foodstuffs have something dangerous about them.
  • Zaran is the god of storms. He frequently features as a villain.
  • Yahule is the god of water. He's seen as something of a trickster, and the only god ever friendly with Zaran. His foolhardy actions are said to cause floods.
  • Biyazi is the goddess of wisdom. Ironically, a lot of her tales have to do with her being supremely unwise, as her primary myth is the story of how she lost her wisdom and had to go on a quest to regain it.
  • Oharz and Kararu are the god and goddess of marriage. They are noted bumblers who usually choose the wrong people to match up.
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Alternative Names
Nari Irubadu


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