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The adventurers guild of [chasm in Wulei Ranife] is the kind of organization that has achieved a legendary status within their society. To belong to it is to be instantly considered above all other individuals. Indeed, some might say that they consider themselves above the law.   The Dheizei are closely aligned with this group, but as they exist outside the strictures of established Weinadi society, this is more of an alliance than a precise membership. It is known that the Dheizei are able to find shelter at the guild, even during those times when they might be less welcome in the city.


The structure matches the republican nature of larger Weinadi society, but on a smaller scale. There is a head of the organization, who shared equal rank with a ruling council, with a variety of underlings beneath them. The majority of members of the Veiludashi are laypeople.   Officially, they are allowed certain latitude when it comes to the laws of the city. There are some laws that it is explicitly stated that they are allowed to ignore with impunity. In practice, however, there is no one who would question the authority of the guild in their stated arena, so if a member says that something is needed for a trek, or if they must go a certain way, or even kill someone standing before them, then no sane citizen would question this.


Members of the Veiludashi see themselves as heirs to the greatest traditions of the Weinadi's nomadic lifestyle. The higher the rank, typically the more time the person has spent on the surface.


The Veiludashi didn't come into existence until after the establishment of the major Weinadi cities. It became a gathering place for those who wanted to carry on the more adventurous traditions, to keep on going out into the storms, to learn to brave the weather and find those hidden spaces of beauty.

Tiku, Tiwi, Tiyo [Bound, Below, Beyond] (literally: "intent, foundation, beyond", but the alliteration carries the emotion better)

Guild, Adventuring
Alternative Names
The Adventurer's Guild (roughly translated)
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