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Bikabu Sau Clan

In their own tongue, they are called the Veithe Bikabu Sau. This clan (or veithe, roughly pronounced "vay-theh") is found around the lake in the eastern part of Wulei Ranifa. One of the better known Dheizei veithe-ha, they are as nomadic in their habits as the rest of their people, but their paths range around the lake instead of around the whole area.     

Fishers and Foragers

  They get most of what they need by fishing and trading their catches, and by foraging the ample resources around the edges of the lake. In some ways, they are a lot better off than any other veithe, as the water makes for lush overgrowth, and a cultural talent for fishing renders them able to get their hands on a vital resource.   They are some of the only people in the world capable of fishing the larger creatures that live in the lake.    

They Ride the Storms

  The Bikabu Sau are famous for their talents as shipwrights. To survive the storms in the area, numerous and severe, but still maintain their water-bound lifestyle, they've developed a number of types of boats that are incredibly fast at navigating the lake, while still being stable enough to withstand the waves if caught by the storm.   They don't live on the lake itself, however, as the heavy storm winds frequently render it too unsafe, but they maintain a number of natural harbors for their boats, and they live in tents similar to the other Dheizei. Most children stay on shore, or in vessels meant to remain near to shore, since the open waters are so dangerous.


Major language groups and dialects

They speak Dheizeiian.
Parent ethnicities


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