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Dheise Yatu (DAY-seh yah-TOO)

Every Dheise Veithe is a member of the Dheise Yatu, a central organizing body for all the Dheizei tribes. It is primarily a means for them to work together, to air grievances, and to better deal with their more formally organized neighbors.   None of the Dheise are considered higher than another, although each tribe takes it in turns to be the official leader when dealing with the Basadu or other such people who require one primary person to deal with.   There's no formal meeting place, but Bechura Waystation is a popular choice since it's pretty close to being neutral territory.   It's not precisely a democratic body. Outside of cases of war against external forces, the Dheise are not required to be in agreement, and they do not lay down any kind of overall laws. The Yatu is meant more as an exchange of news, of ideas, and a space to deal with intertribal conflicts without involving outsiders or outright war. If any kind of consensus is needed for something, a Dheise may abstain or object without any kind of requirement to follow the will of the group, or any risk of harming their standing.   In this sense, the Dheise Yatu somewhat resembles the Katolu Federation, and this is where that latter organization shows its Dheizei influences. A loose coalition of equals who work together because it benefits all of them, despite the usual distances between where they live.   Calling for a meeting of the Yatu is somewhat complicated, one of the worst downsides of their loose organization.
Governmental, Senate/Parliament


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