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Dheise Veithe (dhay-seh vay-theh)

Isn't it interesting how the word for clan leader is so close to the word for their people as a whole? Tells you a lot about how they see the world.
— Human commentary on the Dheizei leadership
  As a nomadic people, the Dheizei follow a tribal clan structure in terms of their leadership. Each individual group requires their own leader, as there is no way to institute a central authority that would be valid for all of the tribes equally. These people are called the Dheise.   They are intended to be as servants to their tribe, an ultimate example of their particular individual values, and of course to be good leaders. Oftentimes they come from the ranks of the scouts, whose knowledge of the geography they must navigate is crucial to the survival of the tribe. As this knowledge shifts to dealing with the more settled people they find along the way, the person steadily gets closer to becoming the Dheise of their tribe.   The Dheise can be male or female. Some tribes deliberately alternate between the two, to ensure different points of view are made use of.   Traditionally, the Dheise will take on a new name when they come into their duties, to signify a shift between who they once were and who they now are.   Passing this position on is meant to be a peaceful shifting of power in most tribes, although there are a few who must fight for the right to take up this job.   There is usually some test of skill before the person in question is fully set. For example, the Bikabu Sau Clan require that the candidate be able to circumnavigate the entire lake. Interestingly, they are not required to do so by themselves. It is deemed to be equally suitable to the job if one has the physical ability to do so individually, or if they have a crew loyal and skilled enough to sail around. This attitude, that as long as the task is complete there is no precise formula to it, is a prevalent attitude where the tests are concerned.   There is at least one Dheise for every Dheizei tribe and clan.


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