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The Betrayer's Orb

The sky lit with a terrible glow, and Jreeva fell from the sky, never to fly again. Our own technology had been used against us, and the world was irreparably altered.
— From the histories of the Garruw
The moment of truth came, and the bolt struck true. For the first time, the Weinadi could fight back against the monsters of the skies.
— From the writings of Adzhen ele Torrnu
    The Betrayer's Orb is one of the most treasured artifacts of Weinadi culture as a whole, because it represents a turning point in the history of Thaiterra. It propelled the Weinadi from a primitive race, unable to defend against the Garruw in any significant way, to a significant force in the world.  

The Story of the Orb

  It is a well-known point of this world that at one point in the far distant past, the Garruw used to hunt and eat the Weinadi. In the less distant past, the Garruw simply hunted them, using the Weinadi as tests of skill who would always ultimately fall to the superior might of the apex predator of Thaiterra. Despite the Garruw cultural emphasis on learning and knowledge and exploration, there were still elements of their society that reveled in destroying the Weinadi.   Around 600 years before the founding of the Dome, well predating the Asayo-Djemndarra Accords, the Weinadi came into possession of an orb made of Amdzha Crystal. Meticulously polished and refined, it could only have been crafted by the technologies of the Garruw.    The Weinadi quickly discovered that the orb operated contrary to the standard properties of the crystal, in that it could focus and reflect the storm energies instead of simply collecting them. They rapidly put this to use and killed several Garruw before they could so much as react.   This led to a period of uneasy war. Nothing overt, but the Garruw stayed a lot closer to home once their ancestral prey could fight back so readily.   It is unknown how the Weinadi got the orb. By the name, it can be gathered that most Garruw belief it to have been deliberately given by one of their own. But, in their arrogance, it is entirely possible that someone simply lost track of it.  

Current Status

  The orb is currently held by the Katolu Federation, in the city of Jomedure Tolu. It is considered an artifact of the distant past, not meant to be used, especially in light of the Accords.

Manufacturing process

The process involved in creating the orb and its ilk is one of the more closely guarded secrets of the Garruw scientists. It is known to be difficult, but whatever it is, it cannot be too technically complex or else they would not have so greatly feared the Weinadi getting their hands on it.
Item type
Weapon, Ranged
Current Location
Related ethnicities
Owning Organization
There are a number of amdzha crystal orbs in existence, but only one in the possession of the Weinadi.
Raw materials & Components
The Betrayer's Orb is made of Amdzha Crystal, shaped and refined until it is a nearly perfect sphere. The particular crystal in this case is yellow. It is coated with a particular material designed to repel the natural storm energy, giving the orb a bronze sheen.


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