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Agarruta Drei

The Garruw country comprising the area of the Agarruta Drei.

Demography and Population

The population is smaller than most countries for its size, as there are not as many mountains as in other areas.


Standing militaries aren't as much of a thing for any Garruw, since they're apex predators and pretty much all of them are capable of defending themselves quite violently. In the event of war, all Garruw of an appropriate age are assumed soldiers. Martial technology is not a thing with the Garruw. You fight yourself, with teeth and claw and blast, and that's about it.   The number of times that a formal war has been declared among the Garruw can be counted by one human's appendages, globally. There are any number of skirmishes, but territory-wide engagements that last most than a season are unusual. Most Garruw tend to let each other fight it out, and not find the need to band together against a large group of others.

Technological Level

They're on the verge of spaceflight, like most of the Garruw. Their understanding of physics is outstanding, and as the Hrrmengaan is very strong in this area, the science of ideas and morality is very well developed. More than most, they understand psychology and why as a race they seem to have this drive to reach for the stars.   They're starting to develop rockets, and have an advantage that there are broad plains where they can set these up without having trouble from local Weinadi. As such, their architecture is more advanced, when it comes to building structures that can stand up to the storms.

Foreign Relations

Abides strongly by the Asayo-Djemndarra Accords and leave the Weinadi of the region alone, in large part because the accords were drafted in this region.   Minimal contact with Humans , but most interactions are friendly.   Other Garruw tend to leave the region alone. They think of these folks as weirdos, in no small part due to the friendlier relations they have with the Weinadi. Smart weirdos, but still weirdos.

Agriculture & Industry

Compared to other Garruw nations, they are unusually agrarian in nature. They have large herds of the animals that they eat, which are carefully bred to maximize food production. They have enough that they export a fair amount of it, exchanging it for ???


The Hrrmengaan has a very strong presence in the region, and as such there are a lot of young Garruw who become apprentices in that organization. The precision of their agricultural needs is strong enough that those who don't go into the more philosophical fields will usually go into the agricultural sciences and biology.   History and diplomacy is also taught to a higher extent than most other regions. In part, this is because of the presence of an additional sapient species within the borders that requires further care.
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