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The pseudo-religious and philosophical order of the Garruw.   The Garruw tend to focus on science as a whole, with most of them devoting their attentions to research. The Hrrmengaan cropped up as a means to deal with the philosophical, moral, and religious implications of their work. While they are still deemed to be scientists, their work makes them more to be philosophers.  
In short, the Garruw like to play with a lot of things. The Hrrmengaan help them to consider when perhaps something should be left alone. Conversely, they also help their people continue the push for the stars. Historically, they had significant ties to The Faith of the Star-Eyed, and they still have connections to organized religion.
The authority that they wield over average citizens is greater than that of most clerics in Garruw society. They are afforded great honor and a member of the Hrrmengaan is at the very least present at all important ceremonies, if not presiding over said ceremony.
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