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Ehrrtoro Dhlandzha

Djavu Ehrrtoro Agharr Dhlanzha (a.k.a. Ehrr)

Ehrrtoro is the leader of the Hrrmengaan of Agarruta Drey . She was one of the youngest Garruw ever to achieve this rank, and it is because of her incredible dedication to uncovering the philosophical mysteries of the cosmos.

Physical Description

General Physical Condition

She's upper middle age for a Garruw, so her physical condition is good but there are signs of age. She's more than capable of flying the storms, but wouldn't sweep the borders like she used to.

Mental characteristics


Ehrrtoro spent most of her early life in preparation for joining the Hrrmengaan, and after that dedicated her life to educating herself and in follow the footsteps of her teachers.   As the Djavu of Agarruta, she is allotted a stipend/tithe from the other Garruw in the area. She is still expected to hunt and tend the machines like the rest, but since she is meant to be thinking and teaching others, there is a courtesy given for that.

Accomplishments & Achievements

She brought peace with the Wights. The careful work of a century enabled her to broker a tentative truce with a Wight tribe.   This is an unprecedented event, by the way. Since the Garruw used to eat the Wights (and if we're being honest, some of them still do).

Failures & Embarrassments

She's had several public arguments with various of her students, which is no small feat considering how spread out the Garruw live. Having a public disagreement takes time, and effort, and is well-remembered in the aftermath. These are planned cultural events (kind of like a modern boxing match) and there's a great deal of outside interest.   Ehrrtoro has lost more than most. Her unorthodox views of the Wights and Humans make her philosophies easier targets of derision, and she is easily flustered enough that her opponents can make her angry beyond proper reasoning.

Morality & Philosophy

Ehrrtoro's whole life is philosophy. She has carefully considered her every position, reading and debating and discussing with her peers and others. She believes very strongly in respect for other forms of life, and has a great curiosity for the things that those other forms create.



Ehrrtoro is unique in that her voice sounds pleasant to outsiders as well as her own people. The undertones of her voice are even and have been described as soothing.
Current Location
Circumstances of Birth
One of a single egg clutch, not particularly abnormal.
Current Residence
Solid navy blue
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Sky blue scales, with silver accents
Aligned Organization
Known Languages
Of course she speaks fluent Grazu, in multiple dialects, but more interestingly, she speaks the local Wight language fairly fluently, and speaks the Human tongue proficiently. More unusual because most of the Garruw don't bother learning other languages (not really a priority when dealing with vastly different ethnicities isn't much of a concern).


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