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The Tlaombri (female) or Tlaombriun (male) is the ruler of the Garruw of Agarruta Drei.


A candidate for becoming Tlaombri includes having tremendous support from local community, and family. Membership or at least support from the Hrrmengaan is essential, and the person must be educated. In addition, they should have defeated other potentials.


To become Tlaombri, a person must be able to outsmart and outfight all other comers. In the past, this was an ongoing thing, and a Tlaombri faced constant threat of challengers throughout their rule, until they were defeated and cast out of the position. Now, the "casting out" is more of a ceremonial formality, and it is understood that a successful ruler doesn't have enough time to rule well and constantly be battling newcomers.
Nobility, Honorific / Ceremonial
Form of Address
Yoijz Dlarae (Your Greatness)
Alternative Naming
Zyilf (King) or Zyilfur (Queen)
Source of Authority
The people (it's an "elective" monarchy)
Length of Term
Until someone new is deemed worthy
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