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Town of Meymeh

Most people think of them as sympathizers, but when you walk among them, in their own town, it's hard to see them as anything but people.
— A visiting Dheise Veithe
  The Yagupa are relatively recent transplants to the Agarruta Drei, but they form a distinct culture and an important one. Most of them are clustered around three settlements. Meymeh is one of the most crucial.   Meymeh's proximity to Vaondhurr and thus the Vaondhurr Egg Dur puts them in an incredibly honored position. Honored by the local Garruw, at least. Less so by their fellow Weinadi.  

Sympathizers or Caretakers?

  The Yagupa as a whole have a complex history with the garruw. Where most weinadi chose to fight back against their hunters, to flee and to delve deep, the Yagupa were those who decided to cooperate and serve. The transition was initially quite a difficult one, but by the time Meymeh was founded, things had stabilized, to a point.   The Yagupa provide a valuable service to the garruw as miners, typically, but in Meymeh they also serve as caretakers for their children.   It is expected that the young garruw will remain in Vaondhurr, and so there is a series of tunnels and climbing walls that allow the weinadi to get up the mountain. This allows for some separation of the two species, and for greater comfort for the weinadi due to previous cultural practices on the part of the garruw.   There are a lot of people deeply uncomfortable with this arrangement, from both species. Garruw cite the vulnerability of the children, weinadi protest the servile nature of the arrangement, but it continues regardless. On the whole, both sides tend to be more sympathetic to each other. It's regarded with suspicion in terms of the longterm but it continues regardless.


Contrary to popular belief, the weinadi of Meymeh remain entirely self-governed. They're not directly under the garruw authority and they don't answer to any of the various local weinadi governing bodies. They elect a mayor every six years, and have a town council whose members serve for ten years at a stretch.
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