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Ridu Tadhene Fort

Found at the head of the chasm, not far from modern day Jomedure Tolu, the Ridu Tadhene (with "ridu" being an archaic Dheizeiian word for "fort") was one of the last major surface settlements made by the Dheizei before the Basadu splintered and became a separate ethnic group.   It therefore dates back nearly all the way to before 129 PC/AV, over a thousand Thaiterran years ago, before the Asayo-Djemndarra Accords were signed. But also after The Betrayer's Orb was procured, because there are signs of that technology being used at this location.   The location of the fort was lost for a long time. It had a reputation among the Garruw as being something to avoid, something that stuck with them even after it was no longer such a danger. As the Basadu moved away from surface life altogether and the Dheizei shifted entirely to a nomadic culture to keep to the strictest interpretation of their roots, the fort was abandoned by both groups.   It holds a lot of early Weinadi technological advances, and not just ones that have to do with warfare. There's a number of signs that point to early adaptations to the weather in the area, and irrigation technology that hearkens to what would likely eventually become the Haora Canals.
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