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Found at almost the exact waypoint between Hajema and Lijha Haora, Yikawb-Charu is the foremost city in the area that is not a part of the Katolu Federation. Which is not to say they're against the Federation, just that they're not a member.   They are noted for their technological advances. Some say that they have elite teams that steal from the Garruw, but the simpler option is that they are uniquely willing to deal with Yagupa traders. Their openmindedness in this regard has given them access to a great deal of unusual tech.   But it is the minds of their people who have combined that tech in new and resourceful ways. They are largely self sufficient, and their underground agriculture is excellent. Not quite the best in the world, but the most successfully diversified of the local cities.   They have the highest number of scientific academies in the area, and welcome outsiders who want to attend. Usually since part of the graduation process is to come up with some kind of invention, which while it still belongs entirely to the inventor, will usually spark other elements in the city itself.   Despite appearing to fit rather exactly between the two other cities, Yikawb-Charu is actually slightly outside of the canal network due to the nature of the ravines. To connect to it, they travel to a nearby town via a series of elaborate elevators.   They tend to dislike the Dheizei, as they generally view the transient lifestyle as a negative. They have been known to work well with the people of Tholaren Dome.


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