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Treaty of Kloevendal

Peace at last

A treaty between all major seven Fae organisations which ended the war commonly known as The Thousand Year War. The document was written in 1392 ADF and it introduced the rank of Arch High Fae as well as the High Fae Court.  
If not for the treaty, the fae would have surely destroyed each other.   There would be nothing but ruins and corpses left. None would emerge victoriously...
That's why most are thankful that our leaders came to an agreement!
— inhabitant of the Fire Realms

An Exhaustive War

The fae have been at each other's throats for a millennium. Though the period is called the Thousand Year War, it wasn't littered with battles back to back. Some periods of the war had significantly fewer clashes between the seven organisations. This was primarily due to lack of funds, materials and weapons. Furthermore, the war led to poor circumstances for many civilians, and diseases ravaged the Fae Realms to a point where it was impossible to find more eligible soldiers.  

The last Seventy Years

Some say the war more or less ended around 1320 ADF, which was seventy-two years before the treaty was drafted and signed. It is true, that only a handful of battles took place in this time-frame. Most of the High Fae had informal peace agreements with some of the other leaders. However, none of those agreements had been made official.   In 1390 ADF, the leader of the Air Fae set the treaty into motion, as he was the one who had negotiated peaceful options with most of the other leaders. It took around two years of meetings to arrive at the peace treaty known today.  

The Treaty which shaped the world

The treaty was negotiated for a long while, but the version which ended up being signed has been one of the most influential documents to date. It took the fae, who were divided and weak and unified them. Suddenly, they had the means to rebuild much of that which was lost and destroyed during the wars. They shared knowledge and helped one another grow stronger so that they could face the growing threat of the Humans.  

The High Court and the Arch High Fae

The treaty stated that an organisation had to be established after the signing of the treaty. This organisation would be in charge of securing the diplomatic relations between the fae and be tasked with making the peace last. The High Fae Court was made to take on that task. The court is currently made up of the seven High Fae as well as their advisors.   It was decided as well, that one high fae needed to be elected to lead the court. This individual would be chosen based on votes cast from the seven high fae. The first-ever elected Arch High Fae became Celtin Nirmaris, the air fae leader who sat the treaty into motion in the first place.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
1482 AK
Ratification Date
1482 AK


The treaty was signed in Kloevendal, as it was a neutral location frequently visited by all types of fae.   Kloevendal is a valley located in Dysvoll, which is in the Human Realms. However, no major human settlements was located near the site chosen for the signing. Therefore, the seven high fae deemed it safe.

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