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Division Treaty

Drafted in 1 WE, the Division Treaty ended the Paltetia Revolution, a long, bloody, civil war between magic-users and nomas.

Historical Details


The Paltetia Revolution raged for 27 years. This civil war led to countless death and the destabilization of the empire's economy. Food shortages plagued the empire, first caused by worker strikes and later by deaths, destruction or blockade of trade routes, and instability.   While mages and witches held the superior power, capable of weilding great destruction, the nomas simply had far greater numbers and often resorted to assassinations, ambushes, and subterfuge to strike blows to the magic-weilders.   Finally, tired of the destruction and loss of mages, Emperor Imbrianus and prominent nomas of the time created and ratified the Division Treaty.


Public Reaction

At the time, most people hated the treaty. It was seen as a major loss for the Imbrian Empire and for all witches and mages. Magic-users settled in the west were forced to move east, the Eldahi lost a section of the Great Woods, their ancestral home, and nomas wishing to live free from the influence of magic were forced into the less hospitable terrain of the west.


Historians consider this war and the ratified treaty to mark the beginning of the decline of the Imbrianus Empire.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
1 WE
Marked the end of the
Paltetia Revolution
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An uprising of non-magic people that split an empire

Mages & Witches

Mages were considered to posess more raw power than witches, able to perform magic simply by willing things to happen rather than having to rely on spells, rituals, or items. Mages often had one type of magic they used, while witches have more flexibility in the types of magic they can learn and use.  
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The amount of magic a person can wield greatly impacts their socioeconomic status

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