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Pact of the Dhalmanite Alzufhars

"When you think about it, it's kinda gross that the pact states our control over who they mate with, isn't it?"
— A Dhalmanite teenager, prior to being scolded by her parents
  "Alzufhars of specialized breeds and amazing quality - strong and resilient" That is the first thing anyone in the Haan Archipelago will mention if asked about the country Dhalmain.  


Dhalmain Island by Naelin
The Dhalmanite are attributed to have been the first societarians to have made a pact with the alzufhar. This event, that happened just over three millenia ago, marked the first year of the Alzufhar Era, that spanned 3014 years until the coming of The High Rust.   This pact was the most important in the history of Dhalmain, quickly turning them into a world power and accelerating the development of their civilization well over that of other islands at the time.
As Dhalmain solidified as a country, the flag reflected this story by depicting Behemil, the alzufhar that represented his species as their ambassador with the Dhalmanite.   Nowadays, every city and most towns feature a stone plaque on their central plaza documenting the details of the pact, with the biggest and most elaborate one in the City of Endure, which includes a monument of Behemil crowning it.   Of course, these plaques are only taken as official records by the societarian, as the alzufhar are unable to read.  

The pact

The Dhalmanite were not only the first ones in making a pact with the alzufhar, but also the ones to take it the most to the extreme.   The fine details of their arrangement evolved to be tighter and more demanding over the years, to the point of giving the societarians the right to choose whom would each alzufhar mate with, therefore making them the only civilization to selectively breed these creatures, and the only on in the whole archipelago to have managed to have specialized breeds of them.
Pre-Rust Dhalmanite flag by Naelin
Record, Historical
Authoring Date
Year 1, E.Alz
Signatories (Organizations)


  The signer of the pact on the alzufhar side, Behemil, is considered a national treasure for the Dhalmanite. He has been pictured in their flag, in monuments, coins and paintings across the island and his history is taught in the schools of Dhalmain.   Behemil was a sturdy, strong and reliable individual, and after making the pact he went to become one of the finest stallions of the Dhalmanite military.
He was bred extensively, and the lines that have his blood are considered special on the island.

Cover image: Dhalmain Banner by Naelin


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