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The Four House Treaty

(Legacy Content)
An unmatched suffering had befallen our people for millennia, with millions laying slain across the Sansurath - lives lost in pursuit of tyrannical regimes. These people have seen more than enough of their loved ones' blood being shed, and they are certainly fed up with having to deal with the consequences of our inadequacies. I have gathered their attention here today in an effort to restore their trust in us, for with the end of these hostilities, I hope that we will bring an era of peace to us all together. Are they not deserving of the right to merely live their lives without fear?
— Regulus Vaikyn, during her speech at the signing
The Four House Treaty is a set of agreements made between each of the four Tyrralorean Noble houses of Belach, Cerroni, Vaikyn, and Troyes. This agreement between houses is responsible for bringing the majority of the conflicts surrounding the Tyrralorean Civil War to a close, and setting the framework for a far more peaceful era.

Historical Details


The Four House Treaty was intended to catalyse the end of hostilities between the four Tyrralorean noble houses in the Tyrralorean Civil War. It was finally drafted by Regulus Vaikyn alongside some of her advisory staff after the final conflicts of her endeavors, including a showdown with her father - the previous head of House Vaikyn, Illexan Vaikyn. She brought it to the heads of the other houses - nearly all of whom she had previous arrangements with - and got each of their signatures, bringing the conflict to a near complete close. The exception was with house Cerroni, whose matriarch had to be removed by force and replaced with a more peaceful leader. After the signing of the treaty came a few decades of relative peacetime in which the nation as a whole prepared for what they believed to be a coming Calamity - which was summarily proven correct. Once the chaos had died down, however, the nation's noble houses remained unified throughout the majority of the Alorean Third Era.
Treaty, Diplomatic
Authoring Date
6 Voruzel, 10125 ASE
Ratification Date
25 Voruzel, 10125 ASE


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