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Material Components Acquisition for the Nine Schools

For a long time, the students of the nine schools of magic at Pertkwugo were in change of finding their own material components for spells. But after a terrible incident during a field trip to collect spell components, the professors finally signed a contract with The Collectors.

The contract

The contract established The Collectors as the official purveyor of material components for spells for the magic schools. According to the contract, The Collectors must provide sufficient resources to supply both teachers and students. The schools, in exchange, allow The Collectors to set up a branch of their guild in the school grounds.
The contract does not forbid students or teachers from collecting specific items, a point the professors fought hard to include in the contract. In exchange, the school had to allow The Collectors to establish a shop in their allotted space in the schools' grounds.
Another point of contention between The Collectors and the schools during the negotiations was the potential power of items they would have to be able to supply. The Collectors do not normally provide items for spells above level 7; when they do, it's on an individual or case-by-case basis.
We find many interesting things while going on collecting trips... We must have somewhere to sell these items to those who may be interested in them.
— A member of The Collectors, during the negotiations.
However, the professors insisted materials for level 8 spells be included in the contract. In exchange, The Collectors demanded a teleportation circle be established in their facilities. While at the time of signing the contract no one was able to create one, the schools agreed to build one as soon as they had the power to do so.
From guano to diamonds, we collect everything you may need for casting spells so that you don't have to.   The collectors motto
The contract's consequences
The rate of students disappearing, getting injured, or dying, significantly dropped after the contract was signed.   The professors also noticed, however, that students had a harder time knowing by heart where would different components be found in the wild.

Fulfilling the contract

It took the nine schools of magic 26 years to fulfil their promise to build a teleportation circle.   Surprisingly, it was not the conjuration professor at the time who completed it, but the evocation professor. She spent three years travelling the planes for her research. During this time, she also acquired vasts amounts of knowledge, power, and artifacts.


Author's Notes

The original version of this article was created as an entry for World Anvil's flagship Summer Camp 2020 event, specifically for prompt #32:
"Write about a famous agreement, contract or treaty that shaped the history of your world."
  You can view my other entries from the competition here.     All images are sourced from pixabay, pexels, or unsplash unless credited otherwise.

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