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Ultimatum of Fundamental Will

The Ultimatum of Fundamental Will was a decree formally put forth to the government of Eden. It was a direct response to The Somnolent's isolationist policies and "Eden First" programs which caused economic panic throughout humanities long-standing Corporations.
The Ultimatum of Fundamental Will came about due to the increasing mistreatment of non-humans on Earth. We had the duty to call out the injustices, and expose the Somnolent for his deeds. It was our final straw.
— Syndicate Historian

The Final Straw

The document itself is a series of complaints documented by the united corporations. Economic concerns came side by side with sophontic equality concerns. The decree continued with a list of demands made by corporations, who accused Eden of not allowing them any say in the governments dealings.

The final statment of the Ultimatum was a harrowing promise, agree to the demands or face seccesion.

The Document was delivered in person by Osborne Jadey to Jerusalem. Upon reading the Ultimatum, The Somnolent ordered Osborne expelled from his Palace.

The Response

The Somnolent responded to the document by doubling down on the worth of his policies, stating that the corporations simply disdained his attacks against the status quo. Needless to say, the Ulimatum was refused, and the result was corporations fleeing Eden and Somnolent Space in earnest.

The Corporations fled to Victoriana where they formed the Jupiter Syndicate. The resulting economic vacuum provided a golden opportunity for the Somnolent to finalize the formation of The Church of The Somnolent.

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The Ultimatum was the dying breath of Earth, and from the ashes of the corpse arose Eden


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