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Oditio's Pact

No longer will you be bothered by these raiders from the badlands, or pirates sailing up from the Children. No longer will you have to worry about being accosted on the street. With this agreement, you have purchased safety and security for your people, and really, is there any price too high?

Second thoughts are for lesser beings than you, majesty. Now is not the time to show weakness before your people, and backing out of an agreement would certainly show weakness. Now is the time for you to show your people your strength, backed by our strength. Sign the treaty, gather your guard, and go out to your balcony and tell your people that the power of Sulae has increased tenfold this day, and they will all reap the benefits. Since I will have ten guards for each of yours, they will know you speak true.

Now sign the paper.

— Magister Celia Dionaea
Signing of the Pact

Document Structure


The Pact accepts the Odition Cabal as a recognized religion in Sulae, exempt from all taxes and duties. The Cabal is free to operate according to their beliefs, and the State shall make no move to curtail their religious freedom. In exchange, the Cabal agrees to provide security for the city, and to put an end to the attacks by raiding groups. The Enforcers are recognized as a legitimate security force internally.


Any encroachment on the liberties of the church will be cause for replacement of the King.

Publication Status

Most of the pact is available, although some clauses have been redacted from any public copies.

Legal status

The Pact is effectively the controlling legal document in the Kingdom of Sulae.

Historical Details


The last half of the 8th century was a time of continuous war in southern Helion and The Children. Kingdoms fell, the land was ravaged, and many turned to raiding and piracy.

Sulae had survived as a kingdom, but was coming under increasing attack from those raiders. It seemed likely that the city, and thus the kingdom, was doomed to fall. The king went to the Koleran League at the Academy, and pled for divine intervention. The Kolerans provided troops for protection, but primarily to protect the Academy and its campus. They did not have the manpower to do more, but the Dean knew of a group that did. While they had their philosophical differences, they agreed on the need for civilization, and so he sent for the Cabal.

The timing was fortuitous - the city was under siege by a fleet of warships, and several fire ships had already rammed the docks. While they were focused on the city, the Cabal's ships came into view, black sails taut under the wind. The lead ship cut across the water, faster than any the people of Sulae had seen. The pirates remained focused on the city, and did not react in time as the ship sailed into their heart. Several watchmen on the shore, looking through spyglasses, saw a hooded figure in dark robes raise a painted shield and unleash Hell.

The air around the ship shimmered, then pushed outward. The fleet consisted of eight ships - in seconds, each of the exploded in flames as the wave of power crossed them. starting from the decks, the firestorm swelled as the winds that had guided the black sailed ship fanned the flames. A few burning men leapt from the ships, but none were ever found. The black sailed ship continued towards the docks, as the burning hulks sank behind her. By now, the Blood Rose of the Cabal was clearly visible on the mainsail.

The King was alerted, and he sent a messenger to meet the ship, and tell them he would have someone escort the captain to the throne room. He dressed in preparation, then summoned his chamberlain. The page that answered looked at him with fear in his eyes and said the chamberlain needed him in court.

The king walked quickly to the throne room, slowing to a more stately pace when he was just outside. He walked in, to find a tall elven woman in black robes, her hood down to reveal her delicate ears and porcelain skin. She was standing inches from his chamberlain, one finger tracing his jawline. The chamberlain was sweating, but couldn't appear to move. The elf looked over to the king and smiled. "Just in time, majesty", she said. "We have a treaty to finalize."

Magister Celia Dionaea took the king by the hand, leading him to his drawing room. She pulled a scroll case from her sleeve, and soon, the Pact was signed.

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