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Centrum Free-City State Proclamation

When they document of officially published, everyone knew that a Free City was born.
— Alicia Ravenwood, Historian.


  Centrum's's independence from the Principality of Avistar was made official when the Centrum Free-City State Proclamation was officially recognized and published in 1191AGC. This was done shortly after Centrum had sent a large sum of coin to the Prince of Avistar. When all was said and one, the Free City-State of Centrum was established as a new sovereign political entity.


Gist of Content

  The content of this document outlines the various reasons Centrum wanted to become independent from the Principality of Avistar. The document then goes on to declare that Centrum will henceforth be known as a free city from the date of the proclamation's issuance. It then describes briefly the establishment of the Free City-State of Centrum.   The proclamation was signed by all members of the Centrum Director's Council, the ruling authority that formed several years before to handle the city's affairs in the absence of the Avistarian Prince. Many wonder if the real aim of the Director's Council was to make possible Centrum's independence.  

Where is the Document Now?

  As the document is important to the city, it is kept safe in the Camila Grand Library.

Statement, Political (Manifesto)

Note(s) from the Archivists:

  When will we get a hold of this document? - Archivist Theta    The Camila Grand Library has made it very clear that ownership will remain exclusive to them. They can pay the "fees" to maintain this status quo. - Archivist Taenya

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