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Paper Pact

by hughpierre


A tri-partnership agreement between the Tinged of a Place of Orbit, the Krix of Krix Salt State and the Taulli of the Shadow realms by which each participant trades in materials for the manufacture of paper. This has included the bark of the Blood Wood, the leaves of the mangroves, the hard woods from Shadow Cast; and as was later added, canes from the Sticks.

Historical Details


Eternal War

"The Eternal War" is much like Sangsalgu's Flower Wars in that they happen every year but are much less friendly. It is the pursuit of a foreign policy whereby raids are sent to the collective realms' borders with non-taulli to kill destroy any settlement found there and kill potential animal game to discourage future immigration into the area.   A purposeful consequence of this is the "Dead Zone": a policy of genocide of anyone and anything within a demarked area. This includes parts of Salt Side that encompass the trade paths along the shadow pass to prevent habitation by other peoples.  
As can be expected, trade and goodwill were heavily stymied by the actions of a few.
Toik Chronicler


The pact was the first instance of a collection of fledgling states aiming to assert themselves after the withdrawal of the witcher kingdoms. Before them, the people had to endure further outside conquest.

Salt River Campaigns

The wildly successful conquest of the middle of Salt Side by Sang warriors canoeing along the rattles river. The river settlements would become the jumping off point from which the sang would expand northward and southward.  

Sweep of Salt Side

For all the Sang soft power invested in Salt Side; when it came to it, it was empty of Sang. Those token troops could offer no meaning resistance and were swiftly captured. Though there was no way for them to hold ground, they at least hoped to scatter and send runners to warn the empire, but it was not to be. It seemed that the enemy was informed on the garrisons' sorry state by collaborators and traitorous remnants of long destroyed armies. As a result, Sang historians do not count the scuffles there as 'real' battles.

Public Reaction

There was generally a positive reception by the desperate peoples who have historically bordered the Dead Zone.  

Salt States

Krix initiated the proposal by convincing several covens to persuade their closest cantons.
Cuit was a cosponsor of the idea and pushed hard for including as many groups as possible.
Kuit was late in signing on until after they saw the Taulli complying.


Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Coven Trains stop over into areas in the dead zones to deliver their obligations and ensure the signatories are in compliance.
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024
Patrol bands, by their physical presence; monitor, hinder and dissuade other taulli band from attacking the trade routes controlled by another canton.


Political Peace

The three way trade for such innocuous materials opened the basis of greater regional peace.  
It should be remembered that not all the Cantons in the Shadow Realms agreed to the terms of the pact. However, should any of the roving 1000 bands steal the goods meant for their brothers, it may provoke internal strife.
— Storier in Cuit

Water Security

As a secondary consequence of the Paper Pact, the borders of the dead zone would become less than secured. This left sufficient holes in taulli policy that allowed the Krix Salt State and Kuit Salt State to build semi-permanent aqueducts and wells to collect much needed non-salty runoff from the Northern Range.

Treaty, Trade
Oral Tradition / Word of Mouth
Signatories (Organizations)
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