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Krix Salt State

by hughpierre



The visible authority in the Krix Salt State nominated and approved during Standing Council events. Until the coronation of the Bat King, anyone could have had a chance to take over Krix by popular demand. It has since returned to monarchy but the Krix title has remained in place.  

Speaking Council

A holdover tradition/policy from when the land was but another subjugated state to the Triple Alignment. It is composed of aged professional politicians from diverse backgrounds who advise the ruler and push for particular agendas.


Rattles River

The single wide saltwater river that splits the land and the capital in two. Upstream is home to many crocodiles and alligators traverse up and down the river in search for baby and juvenile turtles. Downstream is generally the deeper area, where mature mace turtles prefer and once in a while the three species fight fiercely and noisily; disturbing the waters and the river bed and eroding the shore. More often the turtles win these sorts of fights and bellow trumpets of victory that rattle even the houses on land.   Some like to attribute this for the river's name. But the Rattles gets its name from the crunching sound of the broken shells and discarded fish bones that have been flung over the Brine Marshes over the course of many years of salt storms and run rampant in the river waters.


Krix Kingdom

Krix got its name after the first leader who consolidated the land around the Rattles and claim the territory as his and therefore as the Land of Krix. From then on, the Krix line have ruled the area, with the kings changing their name to Krix.  

Client State

Krix as a client state to Sangsalgu had gradually lost its power to internal corruption and untimely betrayals. No grand battles or shows of defiance. The merchants came with sweet fruits and chili peppers and the later monarchs traded their souls in exchange.  

Witcher Kingdom

The Krix witcher kingdom ultimately fell under the Raven coven, whose matriarchs ruled for 88 years. During that time the witches were accused of 'farming' the last of the Krix line to maintain legitimacy to go hand-in-hand with their 'right of conquest'.  

Salt State

The Krix salt state, like with the other 4 emerging states, is highly unconventional and came about surprisingly calmly. Rather than a violent overthrow, the remaining tinged witch leadership left their kingdom to its own devices and returned to their original homeland. Afterwards, a Krix male of the matriarch's stock was appointed as the new ruler until the return of the Bat King, a Krix branch member 23 years later.

Demography and Population

The population centers of Salt Side tend to be majority Taulli decent with some Tinged from the west mixed in with Mist Men from the south.


Krix sits in the center of the Salt Side of the valley, with a mighty saltwater river flowing from Pink Creek and bisecting the land in half. While the banks are profitable around its major settlement; further downstream, the Rattles forks around an islet shared by Krix and its immediate neighbor for the continued conservation of the important mace turtles.

Foreign Relations

Salt Side

Joi Salt State
Favourable Trade Relations
Kuit Salt State
Favourable Trade Relations
Cuit Salt State
Close Cultural Ties
Gein Salt State
Close Cultural Ties


Triple Alignment
Fair trade relations but complicated political history
Otoerm Coil
Fickle with the trade embargo placed by Sangsalgu
Seeking greater trade but is complicated due to war with Sangsalgu

Other Distant Borders

Brine Marshes
Fair trade relations but complicated political history
Mist Valley
Fickle with the multiple warlords in the region
Northern Range
Actively helping Kuit and Cuit in repelling Taulli incursions and keeping open the Shadow Pass

Agriculture & Industry

Saltwater Crops

As most of the territory in and around Salt Side are on the direct path of the salt runoffs from the Brine Marshe, they are unsuitable for the conventional agricultural practices of those on the other side of the valley. Fortunately, on account hundreds of years of sea plants being carried from the ocean via salt storms and delivered further inland by the salt rivers, Krix ancestors have had the time to breed and cultivate salt-tolerant and yieldful specimens.
  • Orach
  • Codgrass
  • Sea Grapes
  • Limu
  • Lime
  • Lentils
  • Nipa Grass
  • Feather Weed
  • Maguey Cactus
  • Curly Line
  • Spiny
  • Sea Bubble
  • Turtleweed
  While the textile and medicinal trade have traditionally been the most profitable for any of the main Salt States, the domestic production of food has always struggled. This is because not all of the plant options are very nutritious, so the revenues from the other two industries have paid for the import of foreign supplies.

Trade & Transport

Krix is the Salt Side state most dependent on the salt rivers as its connection to Lake Coco is only through the Rattles. This river also flows between salt rivers: Pink Creek, Cobalt Rill and Asma Meander; and perpendicular to the freshwater river: the Runnaways. These waterways combine give the centrally located state control of trade throughout this side of the valley.


Turtle Estates

The land is dotted on either side of the main river with private and state ranches who rear mace turtles up to maturity as part of conservation to be released, for their meat to be slaughtered or to be ridden and carry cargo on the lakes.


These are the left over covens from the witcher era of witch rule. Some of them date back to the wight war during the Sweeping away of Sang garrisons.   Those that have not decayed to the point of collapse stand as watchtowers or landmarkers that signal the amount of distances travel.   Knowledge of their proper operation as known during the tinge assault on Sangsalgu have largely retreated to the Marshes.

Turf Houses

Commoner Homes
These homes are common and long-lasting with some being several generations old. They are purposefully half buried in the soft earth to better withstand salt storms. Most walls are tightly compacted peat with layers of vegetation stacked between. The floor is similarly packed with a central hearth for the fire from where the smoke made its way through and coloured the roof black.  
Richer Homes
But for those with the time and resources, buildings can be built with double dry-stone walls packed with earth, and were roofed with wooden rafters covered with a thatch of turf with vine or reed. The floor was generally flatstones or packed earth with a chimney off to one side for smoke to escape through

Geopolitical, Country
Alternative Names
  • Kingdom of Krix
  • Krix State
  • Krix
Government System
Economic System
Market economy
Major Exports
Medicinal Plants
Plant Fibers
Major Imports
Foods Stuff
Other spices
Legislative Body
  • Speaking Council
Judicial Body
  • King's Bench
Official State Religion
Related Traditions
Notable Members
Related Ethnicities
Related Myths
Related Plots

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