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Average technological level

Despite their hovel existence, the covens seem to be years ahead with regards to salt spells, shown plainly during the Green War when they nearly overtook Sangsalgu.


A coven is a family home given mobility though a repetitive, pulsing reaction between blood sap and bark salt.

Salt Spells

Teotl are the energies internal to all living things and when conducted through salt can spells can be performed.


Muller and pestles is a dual equipped driving device able to glide across uneven surfaces via a specific spell.

Art & Architecture

Not much can be said for their artistic tastes, but their homes are a wonder and a terror to behold. It was widely disbelieved that a Tinge's family home (called a Coven) could move about in its marshy environment on stilted legs.

One Legged

When a matriarch is in need of a coven but lack enough resources, might sacrifice a leg. Though travel is undoubtedly rough.

Two Legged

Most efficient version and most common. Coming in different sizes, at different speeds for different purposes.


Variants of 3, 4 and 6 legs on a coven are heavy, expensive and not as agile as earlier versions and are restrictive to more open areas.

Common Customs, traditions and rituals

The matriarch of a coven decides everything: her daughters' rights, her sons' prospects, and dillies chores to her grandchildren. And when the time comes, she would present her chosen heir with the key to the coven's stores which signifies ownership of the moving home itself.

Coming of Age Rites

Rites prioritized to girls, specifically witches-to-be, involve bathing in the Brine Marshes' stagnant pools. Perhaps, similar to the Sang's own salt baths; the salt pools are overly over-saturated and so dunking themselves fully proves difficult for most; particularly for the youngest. But if they prove capable of doing so, in an unspecified amount of time, then they graduated to a higher tier of their education.

Funerary and Memorial customs

There are one of two options available for the dead.
  • For most, their funeral rights involve preservation in the brine waters before placing them in pods of animal skin decorated with tassels, shells and bird bones. Then the bodies are hung from a Blood Wood in offering.
  • For the matriarchs; they require a very special preservation wherein a lifetime of bathing in the Brine's stagnant pools warrants the additional step of brain removal and storage in a place of honor within the Coven.

Common Taboos

Its hard to say just what the Tinged would consider taboo. As they seem perfectly capable and comfortable with circumstances which would be taboo to every other group of people.  
What they are most famous, and infamous for, is in delegating manual labour to the animated corpses of either deceased family member, or coven enemies, or both. We are not sure.

Common Myths and Legends

Idiot God

As a part of the many peculiarities, the Tinge believe that their own almighty creator god is an idiot. As told by the few unflattering stories about him, culminating in him napping on his nighted bed across the sky.  

Jealous Gods

Of greater significance is a lesser deity who lived in the heart of a lonely mountain where now the Place of Orbit stands. The myth goes that the black god exploded from the earth in a rage, when one of the duel suns stole something the both of them coveted. The sun died in so easily a manner, that it shocked and displaced the other cosmic entities into the current night and day cycle.

Historical figures

Zsuz the Braid was a fully realized Brine Marsh witch who, for some unverified reason, exiled herself to Gaioor in the Floodlands and offered her expertise in premonitions to the Kolarch of Gaioor.


Beauty Ideals

Inverted Eye Shades

Either because of, or in-spite of, the curious colour of their skin; the Tinged are widely considered to produce some of the most beautiful women in the world. Beautiful, save else for their eerie eyes. To be sure; they possess a white iris surrounded by a yellow (what should be) white of the eye; it appears to glow on most nights, and is haunting to behold; for men and women, no matter the time of day.  

Skin Colour

They are so labelled as 'tinged' on account of the bathing ritual they are most known for conducting on their girls that leaves a green hue on their bodies. This is only lightly noticeable on the very young and becomes progressively more defined the older they get, the greater the proclivity they exhibit to a strange salt magic and the more willingness they possess to advance. All the females appear green in some shade, but it might be they are of a natural yellow ting, as exhibited by captive males. It is confirmed by interviews with captives, most of whom have a similar green dye on the skin about their feet for when they trek bare-foot through their marshy home.

Gender Ideals


The Tinge are a matriarchal society and preference is given to daughters in almost everything. This is because women are believed to be the most naturally capable and, hence destined, to wield spells in the name of all.
Elder Fever
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We may know that there is nothing stopping men from doing the same, male tinged appear content to serve a support role in their societal hierarchy.   They help to bring up the children of their sisters and female cousins, build the coven houses and are in charge of collecting fallen fish; which they learn from their uncles and older male family members as soon as they are old enough.

Relationship Ideals

Unlike with the rest of the world, parents are not bound to live with each other. Any children born from a union are raised by the mother's coven, and not exclusively by the actual mother. The matriarch dictates how they are raised and only allows for prearranged 'night visits' between the father and mother; where after he must return to his maternal residence in the morning. A father can get such a blessing by periodically presenting the family with gifts, granting him some status within the mother's coven without actually being a member.

Major organizations

Place of Orbit

In the center of the Marshes lies the only permanent settlement of the witches. It's native name is uncertain but visitors noting the three interlocking circular walls have called it the "Place of Orbit". Supposedly because the layout of the walls matches the orbits of the moons in the sky.   Two male co-rulers, who live year-round, are in-charge of the day-to-day operations which mostly involve preparations to hosting the yearly gatherings of the Tinge people.

Coven Families

Individual roaming families around the marshes might consist of a single coven or a caravan of covens belonging to a family. Such families adopt the names of important ingredients in their rituals and cooking as their names, such as:

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STR (Choose the lowest roll as modifier)
Armour 2d6
HP 3d6+6 ([min+max]/2)
Speed 2d10+10 ft

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