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The Tepeua

by hughpierre
The Citadel was a mammoth coven constructed at the direction of the Raven matriarch after the establishment of the Witcher Kingdoms. Only one was ever built; and by all accounts it was a failure.  
Its rotting corpse rests under the Tlacuīcaliztli Rock where it fell.

Power Generation

Bark Salt and Blood Sap

Unbidden, a blood wood tree moves to its on whims. The result of a repetitive, pulsing reaction between the bloody sap inside the tree and the salty bark that covers it outside. This effect is understood and appropriated into the coven's legs to the tinges' designs; with the matriarch controlling the direction and speed of the coven by manipulating the bark salt to shift its concentrations within the legs.


When walking on stilted legs, one set of three legs swing forward while the other set stays planted on the ground.   When walking at natural speed, the swinging legs use contracting forces (via bark salt) to move forward and immediately relaxes, allowing the force of gravity to move it to the ground. Simultaneously, the planted legs move forward with largely passive rotation at the thistles area. The planted legs only need to stay straight and the swinging legs' joints only bend marginally to allow it to pass underneath the body.
Technology / Science | Apr 8, 2021

Weapons & Armament

Salt Fire

The favourite salt spell utilized by the coven's witches to attack from a distance.

Projectile Units

The citadel's crew carried bundles of throwing spears to harry approaching units safely from the height.

Armor and defense


Double Wood Hull
A unique blend of hardened pulp, to keep its lightness, and a continuous band of manchineel wood that wraps the circumference of the exterior to discourage climbers.


Reinforced Casings
Repeating concentric layers of grass and quicklime squeezed around the bark and sap that grants the legs their motion.

Communication Tools & Systems


At the alter rests the literal brain of a coven. The mind of the previous matriarch follows the instruction of the matriarch who replaced her in death. Through secret sorcery, the living witch can drive her family's home through the marsh, outcroppings and up steep hills. Via her years of experience while still alive, the brain at the alter communicates this information to the current matriarch driver.
A great deal of enchantments were woven into the Raven's monstrosity, and breaking precedent, looked to ensure its function by installing two or three alters.


Thistle Bush

Between the castle-like structure and the coven's legs, is a section of thorny twigs bundled together capable of measuring the heat, pressure and humidity of the environment. This area is also crucial in cushioning the impact of every step the citadel takes.

Additional & auxiliary systems


These are fashioned using similar techniques that made the main limbs. Manipulators are usually hidden away in the bush of thistles under the house and emerge to interact with the environment or fend off intruders climbing a coven's signature long legs.  
Retractable Arms
Tepeua is so huge, that manipulators are woven to be thicker than in a normal coven. Narrower thistle limbs hide inside fatter ones and are capable of lashing out and withdrawing quickly into the bush.

Vehicle | Mar 12, 2021
The Citadel
Only one ever built
8 rods
16 rods
1000 stones
Complement / Crew
  • 20 Witches
  • 50 Pelters
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
200 stones
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Cover image: mist monster by Kay-Wan


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