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Zsuz the Braid

by hughpierre

Zsuz (a.k.a. The Braid)

Physical Description

Special abilities

Zsuzs Strings

Zsuz of the braids, as she would come to be known, conceptualized a metaphysical theory, which she explained using her hair braids, that looking into the future is like riding along a definite hair strand with an obstruction in the way from all the other strands pressing upon each other. All visions are blocked in this way, whether the prophesier gets to the block is dependent on the arbitrary circumstances for which they are searching in the first place.   Zsuzs proposed that one can predict, and possibly circumvent a block, to see even farther and improve on a prophesier's reliability.   She impressed the then Kolarch of Gaioor into installing a special mirror disk onto one of the watchtowers that line the Step entrance to Gaioor that would watch for future events to warn the present.

Apparel & Accessories

Zsuz was fond of a flock of black birds her mother kept caged on the veranda when she was a girl. As they died, she was gifted a single feather which she like to use to decorate her hair. As an adult, she shot down an eagle, whose head she had tied to a bundle of her childhood feathers and wore as a cap.   Zsuz would hold onto the headpiece from her eventual exile to her death in Gaioor. Whereby then, the feathers had turned brown.

Mental characteristics


Witch Traditions

As with all tinged girls, Zsuz was educated by her mother and grandmother on the school of salt spells through which she was proficient.  


As a child, Zsuz is said to have hit her head after which she became artistically inclined. Returning to the tracks left by her family's coven to draw squiggles and lines in the upturned mud. Unbeknownst to her relatives, or herself, her addled mind had begun quietly working through what would become "Zsuzs Strings".

Accomplishments & Achievements


Once Zsuz found her way to Gaioor, she came into the service of one Rubiadi and would continue to follow her when Rubiadi became Kolarch in her time. Until then, Zsuz supposedly shared her personal secrets on premonitions with her patron which would later become the basis for the "Witch's Watchtower".

Failures & Embarrassments


Not much can be gleamed of the political happenings in the Brine Marshes and even less from the "Place of Obit". But what can be determined is some sort of cultural revolution took place that redirected tinge focus towards conquest, that later lead to the Wight War.   Zsuz, for her part, was evidently apart of a losing faction and had to flee her homeland as a refugee across the upfalls at the floodgates during flood season. She rode in a coven of a friendly family with other tailing behind, which they would later have to abandon at a small hill turned island and trek through giantsfall to reach Gaioor.

Mental Trauma

Zsuz was hailed as an exceptional prophesier, yet she did not seem to foresee conflict or her relations' tragedy. Whatever oversight it was, would have a profound effect on her in later life; making her question the utility of her skills and hesitate in offering it.   One memorable conundrum, was when her, her party and a collection of other refugee covens were stranded on the hilly island with on other land path to go. Zsuz had told her inner circle, two weeks after her premonition that the area was not safe. That they must leave their coven homes, carry what they can on their backs and travel through the Dry Bowl. When the rest were told, most barked, hurled insults and led to such a division that Zsus and a minority left on their own accord.   Exiled from the exiles; she would get some vindication as those who stayed behind were vulnerable to surrounding settlements who raided and harassed them night and day. The constant pressure motivated some to take their chances in the Falls or return to the Marshes, thinning out the defensive parameter they had established earlier.

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Honorary & Occupational Titles
  • Brine Marsh Witch
  • Special Adviser to Kolarch Rubiadi of Gaioor
Circumstances of Death
Old age
White iris, yellow whites
Shoulder length braids
Skin Tone/Pigmentation
Dark green
Related Myths
Social Aptitude
Introverted; preferred small circle of close friends   Pets & Hobbies
Caring for wild and tamed birds in her private aviary

Cover image: Snake Scales by Alex Patel
Character Portrait image: Glotso the Half-orc Druid by Ted Thilander


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