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As tales would have it, these creatures are said to come alive in the night and rampage against anything man-made. An irrational fear that is sited as the motivation for the creation of Cloud Country's doppel division.
Cloud Folklorist

Historical Basis

Gremlin Faces

On several basalt columns, are the warped and grimacing expressions of hundreds of thousands of little monsters facing the direction of the Ñuñu Hills. It is thought that the columns depict engravings of individuals as part of an old culture's (prior to the tinge's arrival) funeral rites, which are generally avoided in respect for the dead. Though no ancient burials or bodies have ever found.


Haunted Gates

A hazardous route starting at the Haunt that travels along the length of the floodgates and that is perpendicular to the Flooded Route. It is consistently traversed by Coven Trains that take advantage of the upfalls to carry heavy goods across great distances. As a result, news of the unusual formations and their unsettling vistage stretch across doth sides of the lower sea.

Variations & Mutation

Alternate Happenings

The intensity of the drama changes from the āhuilli ripping themselves out from the ground and chasing colonist to escapees hiding supplies in the āhuillis' open mouths.   A reason for this fear is likely linked to the cultural devastation that happened during the outbreak of the painted plagues. Granted, there were no reports of any wide spread disease attributed to the āhuilli region but because they occurred at about the same time, it suffers from guilt by association.

Cultural Reception

Cloud Clans
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024

Cloud Clans

Blame has been put on the stone gremlins for a mass escape of slaves during the latter half of the Cloud's decline.  
Ethnicity | Mar 3, 2024


Whenever a coven train needs to pass through the area, they leave behind offerings of food, trinkets and live pets as a way to ask the āhuilli for permission to cross.

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Stone Gremlins
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