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Where the marshes fall into the Floodlands, the Haunt is a curious formation of interlocking basalt columns that slowly descends into the area like natural steps. The area is volcanic in nature due to, it is believed, an ancient fissure eruption that pushed rectangular, pentagonal, hexagonal, heptagonal or octagonal solidified lava through chalk beds into cliffs. As the lava cooled, it cracked like drying mud and left pillar-like structures that inturn fractured horizontally into joints.

Fauna & Flora

Shellfish: Aquatic invertebrates including molluscs and crustaceans harvested from both the saltwater and freshwater environments.   Fish: Most fishes found in the salt rivers are also found in the sea; adapted to a restricted life after they or their parents were carried by the winds during storms.   Amphibians: Salt tolerant frogs and toads inhabits the cracks and crevices and can tolerate brief excursions into the wider sea water.   Reptiles: Turtles, snakes and lizards mostly bear their young in eggs begin there lives in hidden freshwater places near Hearts, then emigrate to salty environment as adults.   Wading Birds: Gulls, terns, and skimmers are periodically found around the fresh and saltwater habitats.

Natural Resources

Basalt: A prestigious material for making a Tinged witch's muller is sourced from blocks quarried in Haunt. It is comparatively light and their texture can either be extremely rough or extremely smooth, depending on their sand content.


Haunted Gates

A hazardous route starting at the Haunt that travels along the length of the floodgates and that is perpendicular to the Flooded Route. It is consistently traversed by Coven Trains that take advantage of the upfalls to carry heavy goods across great distances.  

Gremlin Faces

On several basalt columns, are the warped and grimacing expressions of hundreds of thousands of little monsters facing the direction of the Ñuñu Hills. It is thought that the columns depict engravings of individuals as part of an old culture's (prior to the tinge's arrival) funeral rites, which is generally avoided in respect for the dead. Though no ancient burials or bodies have ever found.  
As tales would have it, these creatures are said to come alive in the night and rampage against anything man-made. An irrational fear that is sited as the motivation for the creation of Cloud Country's doppel division.
Cloud Folklorist
Alternative Name(s)
Haunt of the Marshes
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Cloud Country
Organization | May 17, 2021

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Cover image: Basalt Column by Chris Molyneaux

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