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by hughpierre
Mullers and their pestle aids are a dual equipped driving device wherein a single operator is able to seamlessly glide across uneven surfaces. The main body (the muller) is of a thick, robust and bowl-shaped build with an accompanying rudder-like pole that is made similarly of heavy materials.

Power Generation

The powers needed to move the tonnes of heavy rock is entirely dependent on the tinge witch owner through activation of a unique salt spell.


Brine Lubrication

Despite its name; the Snail Spell allows for the fastest means of traversing over land. It gets its name for the seeming liquid slime that accumulates beneath the muller and possessing multiple swirling currents, the speed of which are manipulated to control the muller's orientation and land speed. The underlining reason for why a working muller is so rare for a brine witch to earn, is for the difficulty in casting this spell. The witch must have the endurance to lift the stone body, as well as, possess the salt powers fit to move it.

Armor and defense

Mullers are traditionally made from a variety of heavy materials capable of absorbing tremendous damage.

Most Common Choice

Marble: A slippery material that makes it harder to carve but easier to slide the muller across the surface. This is an expensive option as the marble must either be imported or craft abroad and then delivered.
Granite: The most popular material and very reliable and versatile for the muller and pestle. They tend to have a little bit of an irregular texture, making it easier to carve.
Earthenware: Although mullers are a sign of status, mullers made of earth are considered unimpressive because its interior and exterior chip away easily which leaves behind with ridges that dirty and are made difficult to clean.


Cast Iron: These require a lot of care and upkeep, and the pestle cannot be made of cast iron, or else it could damage the muller. Some cast iron mullers will have a thick coating on the inside that is meant to discourage rust, but it also tends to create problems by making it too slippery to operate.
Volcanic Rock/Basalt: Mullers made of basalt are used predominantly in and around the Haunt. It is a comparatively lighter choice amongst hard options and their texture is either extremely rough or extremely smooth, depending on their sand content. This is the rarest type of material to make a muller, and the most uncomfortable due to its readiness to heat up in the sun.


Wood: In some parts of the marshes, big wooden muller and pestles are used as a part of group co-opts and are often operated by more than one person. This a far less prestigious and some tinge consider it sacrilege and culturally offensive for any coven to own one because it is likely being used to transfer cargo abroad.

Additional & auxiliary systems


An oversize rudder the witch uses to control the muller's direction in conjunction with the spell lifting the main body across the land. Even though a wooden muller is considered an ugly thing, their pestles are typically made of wood (for traditions sake) but also for the practical purpose of avoiding a wearing down of either the muller or the pestle of the same substance.
Brine Marshes
Geographic Location | Nov 7, 2021

  • Riding Rocks
  • Witch Bucket
Average Diameter ~0.7 rod
0.5 rod
5 tonnes
Complement / Crew
Cargo & Passenger Capacity
3 stones


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