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Summer Camp 2019

Somewhere in your setting, describe
Describe the functions of a vehicle used for military practices or conflicts.
A total of 230 entries

Desert cursus clabularis

The Chariot of Death

Halfling Floating Junkyard

Military Transport Vehicle

Hohedler Light Armoured Car m56

Kruliss Floe Fortress

Kakuatan, the Stone Above

Atakebune (Armoured Ships)

The Roving Fortress

Dragon Skull Chariots

Blackguard Patrol Vessels

The Catastrophan-class Fleet Killers

Veramassian Ground Defense Mobile Platform (GDRP) 4907

Imperial War Wagons

The Kajethe Fire Ballista

AH-9 Pegasus Assault Helicopter

Ark of the Radiant Dawn

The Bayonet Carrier

The Empress Revenge

The Heavy Handed Mead Flinger

Estmerian War Chariot

Les tortues de lances

Advance Dropships

Kellid War Mammoths

Interdictor-Class Man-o-war

Martian Flagship Destroyer

Donchar Warchariot

Sailing Vessel, Warship

PTT20 Personnel Transport "Mako"

Lowe's illuminating Giga Heat Transporter (Light) Cart

Runed Military All-Terrain Vehicle

Gaia Heavy Defense Vehicle

Depavatan Warsail

Steel-Clad Dragon Ship

The Flying Dreadnaughts of the Mynari.

Corridor Combat Drone

Rotative Warblade Engine

The WVL2141 "Sadistic Punisher"

Mystical Mechanics: God Killers

F.A.B.E.L. Boarding Craft

Teleportation Wagon

Combination Warship

13 Bastards. Powerful impact, boom from the canon.

REC Sword of Rothilimion

The Streamwood Riverboat

Narboc Exploration Cruiser

NIX-13 'Caterpillar'

Chariot (Dragonborn Empire)

Airships and the fleet

Third Rate Ship of the Line

Mother Fluffing War Hippos

Ytzklaxoli Culcatin

Iji Evacuation Boats

Mark III Drone Deployment Recovery and Repair System

Cuirassier Destroyer Class, "Deathscythe"

Killigan Super-Heavy VTOL Gunship

Jasani Sakurti Diver

Heavy Exploration Vehicle (HEV)

All-Terrain Magi-Tank

Mobile Battering Ram (SC'19)

Tairtwak: The Two-Tank

Tarquinnian War Galley

I.A.V. Cronenberg

Transport Airship

Bukrodaak, The Garror Sand-ships

Orcish Stone Ship

Terran Battleship - Collosus class

Trem Elemental Anti-Fortificação

The Maximian Express

Vehicles of the Thundarr World

Goliath Main Battle Tank

Korflyther's Sky Wings