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Dracaran Wyverns

Not seen in battle since the Cataclysm Wars, the Wyvern Riders of Vox Dracon lie in wait, ready should they be called into action. Watching them train, I was immediately aware of why they were feared so much by their enemies.
— Hajar Stoutsong, famous adventurer


The somewhat domesticated variation of the dragon-like wyvern differs only slightly from their wild cousins. The physical differences are largely due to the creature evolving to accommodate the presence of a rider over thousands of years of service. Their backs are flatter, to allow a saddle. Their hind legs are noticeably more muscled, due to having to carry a Dracaran Rider. Dracaran Wyverns also tend to be a dark brown or dark grey in colour, aligning with the circle of mountains that surrounds Vox Dracon. From a distance, however, you would have a hard time distinguishing a Dracaran Wyvern from a wild one.   They are 15ft long from snout to tail, with a wingspan of 20ft.  

Handling a Dracaran Wyvern

Domesticated is a term used loosely, so caution is always advised. Most Dracaran Wyverns only respond well to their designated handler/rider. They are trained from hatching and only communicated at in Dracaran, the language of dragons. They do not respond to commands in any other language, including Axoran (the common language shared by the world).  

In Conflict

The last time Dracaran Wyverns were utilised was in The Siege of Arkran. Once the walls were breached, the Dracaran Wyverns launched a devastating assault from the air. This was a useful distraction and culled the numbers of magic-wielding enemies in one fell swoop. The defending forces then had to deal with ground forces and aerial threats alike. However, months prior their numbers were greatly reduced. When Mohzall, the Earthquake Dragon, was released from his prison, his first target was Vox Dracon. Between the Dracaran Mages and Dracaran Wyvern Riders, they were able to fend him off in his somewhat weakened state. If had attacked again after recovering his full power, the outcome may have been different.

A Translation for Dungeon Delvers and Dragon Slayers

Dracaran - Dragonborn


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