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Rune Carriers

Ah... this one is my favorite. Here we have some runic canons: this one has the classic fireball rune... this one shoots a small boulder soaked in oil. On the front? We have some runes that need a simultaneous activation; they build a sturdy mud wall in a few seconds! Perfect for stopping incoming projectiles!
  Rune carriers are Morknar war vehicles. They are one of the main reasons why the Morknar Realm is still "feared" despite its low numbers.  

Homemade death machines

Rune Carriers are usually manufactured by High Morknars who specialized into war Magic . Their job is to build sturdy vehicles carrying an arsenal of runes fit for a specific purpose; incendiary, defense, support, long-range, assault... They say that each carrier is a piece of art, holding possibly generations of work on runes combined with the genius of a Morknar mind.   Once a carrier is finished, they are brought to the Realm's council for inspection before they buy it. Once the vehicle is purchased, its creator will be hired to teach its future users how to wield it.   Depending on the function of a carrier, the squads will be made of Highs or Lows. High-Morknars will usually pilot the ranged ones while Lows will be on the front line. Despite their inability to craft runes, some Lows are still able to infuse magic into a rune. These persons will often be scouted by the army and offered a significant payment to join its ranks.  
Why do High Morknars stay in the back while Lows are fighting in the front? Well, because the ranged carriers are often complicated to use. They need precise aiming and perfect knowledge of each rune to work efficiently. Lows can surely activate simple fire spray runes, but infusing the correct amount of energy to adjust the trajectory of each shot requires advanced knowledge.
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