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Military Transport Vehicle

That old broken down car out back? Military transport vehicle. I know what you're thinking. It's a large, heavy duty car, it's obviously a military transport vehicle. What kind? Well that's the thing. It's a transport vehicle. Never heard any other name for it.
It was invented by the Foxes, and may go all the way back to the Magic War. Well, not this one, specifically, but the magical technology. From the outside, it looks like a normal car, and for the most part, you drive it like one. But each transport vehicle has a bit of magic built in. When activated by the correct words, the entire vehicle and anything inside it will transport from one place to another instantly.
But the real genius bit is this: even though it requires a level 7 Fox to create the magical part, it can be activated by anyone who knows how. Each vehicle is programmed to transport back to one specific location, so if you want to get anywhere else, you have to drive. But it can be a good way to get a group of people to safety quickly, especially if the place the vehicle is programmed to transport to is a base run by their allies. As a result, their usually used as ambulances.
I couldn't tell you how common they are. As a general rule, the Foxes don't go around telling people they have magical cars available for use, but I also think only the most stubbornly anti-magic leaders would refuse them if they had the chance, and there have been enough weird stories about cars suddenly disappearing in the middle of wars to indicate that they've been around.
How did I get mine, you ask? Some friends and I found it broken down outside of Olaea. That's the Fox community up the river from Rayl. We were... scavenging, and well... it's not like anyone was using it. It was real beat up. Took a little magic just to get it to turn on. We were going to try to take apart the magical programming to figure out how it worked, but we never were able to. Don't know where it goes back to. Or what the words are to get it there. But who knows? Maybe one day it'll come in handy.

Cover image: The Thirteen Magics of Svene by Molly Marjorie


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